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Winston-Salem is a great place to live and work. Having a population around 240,000 people. It is a very desirable city to live in. This city has been growing over the years to improve its nightlife, tech scene, and living quality. Winston-Salem is a great place for web developers and web designers. There are several universities in Winston-Salem. They are Wake Forest University (WFU), Salem College, School of the Arts, Forsyth Tech Community College and Winston-Salem State University (WSSU).

Winston-Salem Tech Scene

The technology scene in Winston-Salem is improving. The triad has mostly legacy code with few jobs using the latest technologies and modern design patterns. There’s a lot happening that’s improving the job market and ways web designers, developers, and marketers can grow in this community.

There are a few good meetups for web design and programming.


This is amazing that Winston-Salem has grown to the point that we have an entire building dedicated to entrepreneurship and technology. Flywheel rents satellite office space for freelancers, web designers, and startups. It’s a 24/7 coworking and collaboration environment for entrepreneurs. This environment will create more technology jobs for Winston-Salem.

Redoma Digital Web Design

We serve the area of Winston-Salem, NC. Our portfolio contains many websites created for business owners in Winston-Salem.