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Christophe Limpalair

Our friend Christophe Limpalair has an amazing podcast/blog where he talks about the struggles, accomplishments, and challenges of scalable infrastructure. This podcast is one of a kind because he interviews the World’s top engineers to find out what problems they face and how they deal with those issues. This podcast has been very beneficial to our development. We are always learning from others and this is a great way to hear about solutions from other developers.

Through this podcast, we have learned about and are now using Rollbar. This product is free for limited error tracking. It’s very beneficial to our development in our projects. We think you will learn a lot from this podcast.


Scale Your Code

Technologies that this podcast covers are:

  • Redis
  • Vagrant
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Docker
  • Rollbar
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Continuous Integration / Continous Deployment
  • One Click Deployment & Tests
  • All major frameworks like (Laravel, Ruby)
  • All programming languages (C#, PHP, Ruby, Go)

Scale Your Code interviews the World’s top engineers

  • Jeff Atwood – creator of StackOverFlow and Trello
  • Thomas Griffin – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Awesome Motive. Developer of numerous WordPress plugins such as OptinMonster, Envirar Gallery, Soliloquy Slider and more.


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