Customer Relationship Management with Zoho CRM & Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management with Zoho CRM & Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management with Zoho CRM & Dynamics CRM

What is CRM?

Why is there so much hype these days about Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? A CRM is a powerful tool for managing communication with prospective clients. CRM tools provide the ability to keep track of people, accounts, leads, phone calls and e-mails. Without these valuable tools, you will waste hundreds of hours every year trying to do half of what a good CRM can can accomplish.

Zoho CRM

If you’re new to CRM, Zoho CRM is a great place to start. Zoho is one of the simplest CRM tools on the market, only allowing for basic customization which makes it perfect for small businesses. Even with these basic options, Zoho remains one of our favorite choices. The free account allows for 3 users and limited choices. Zoho CRM offers multiple packages, though, that provide more capabilities and more customization. We always recommend business owners start out with the most basic packages and work up from there to fit their needs. Why waste money on options you don’t need? One of the nice features about Zoho CRM is the mobile application. An extremely effective tool, it puts your entire business directory right at your finger tips. The app also monitors phone calls and if a call is placed to someone in the directory it will prompt you to archive the record, allowing you to make notes on the call.

Price Range: $0-35/per user

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has always had a reputation for strong business tools and Dynamics CRM is no different. Dynamics CRM works well for larger businesses. This is a very expensive platform and we only recommend this to certain customers with the capitol needed to keep it up. However, Dynamics CRM offers an extreme amount of customization. With the architecture of Dynamics CRM plugins and custom pages can be created to manage data specifically. Dynamics CRM also works with other databases if a sync is created to manage the data discrepancies. While this tool is fully customizable it’s very expensive to maintain the licensing.

Price Range: $65/per user


Whether you run a local small business, or a national enterprise, we can set up CRM to fit your needs. Our experts have in depth knowledge of basic and advanced CRM tools, enabling us to create a custom CRM set up to fit your company to a tee.

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