Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

It’s not hard to see how incredibly technology has boomed in the past two decades. During the mid 90’s most people were still using pagers and the lucky few who had a cell phone where using contraptions that more resembled bricks than anything you’d see in a mobile store today. Smartphone? What’s that? Apps? Never heard of them.

The Evolution of Mobile Technology

Network speeds have increased dramatically as well, keeping on par with mobile technology. In 1990 we saw the first 2G networks, allowing for download speeds of 125 kbps. Just ten years later download speeds more than quadrupled with standard speeds exceeding 800 kbps in 2000. Download speeds are blindingly fast these days, with a typical 4G network providing 1.5 mbps. Yes, that is megabytes per second! This exponential growth in network speeds and mobile technology created one little problem however: Websites weren’t designed for cell phone screens.

Developers Change the Game

For years developers had been creating sites with one platform in mind, a full screen computer display. We never expected that one day on average more people would be interacting with our sites on a mobile device than any other platform. Elements just didn’t transfer well to a cell phone display when they had been optimized for computer viewing.

So what were we developers to do? We had to find someway to ensure the sites we were building looked great no matter what device they were viewed on. Many early options included making a whole new site for mobile viewing. An example of this would be which is a designated site for viewing Facebook on a mobile device. While this worked well for larger companies who could afford to design and maintain two separate websites, it was highly impractical for smaller businesses.

This idea of having a mobile designated site worked well for a while, but it hit it’s limits with more and more devices gaining web browsing capabilities. It just doesn’t make sense to have numerous websites, one optimized for a tablet device, one for a phone and so on. Well, where do we go from here?

The answer is responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

It wasn’t an easy road but we developers have reached a place where we can provide a one website fits all design. The key lies with style sheets that modify content based on screen resolution. A website can automatically format itself to be mobile friendly if someone checks it out on their phone, while still retaining its full design when viewed on a traditional web browser.

With an increasingly mobile base of clientele it makes more sense than ever to ensure your website provides a satisfactory mobile experience. According to recent studies, mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop by browsing by several million regular users. Our developers have experience seamlessly blending mobile, tablet and computer viewing that will guarantee your business makes an impression no matter how potential leads find your site! Don’t limp by with a poorly formatted and limited mobile site, the technology for a responsive mobile site is available. Let us help your company take advantage of these advancements and keep up with the evolving world of online marketing!

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