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Social Media Marketing is an important part of any business because it provides several methods to connect with fans, current customers and potential clients. Each social media platform has a different approach, different pros and cons. Millions of people use social media on a daily basis to interact with friends, businesses and keep up with interests. Some of the most popular platforms, as you most likely know, are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. We’ll cut to the chase and tell you how you can use each one to benefit your company.


Facebook allows for business pages, enabling visitors to “like” and follow your business updates. Whenever a post is made to your business page it will show up in the follower’s feed. Fans of your page can like and share your posts, acting as a digital version of “word of mouth” promotion. Another tool of marketers is the Facebook campaign. A campaign is used to drive traffic to your page, increasing likes and spreading awareness of your company. A fee can be paid to have a “Promoted Page”, increasing the reach of your content and how many of your followers regularly see your posts.


The content shared on Twitter is called a tweet, a short post of 140 characters. Tweets can be solely content based or contain images and links. Your followers can “re-tweet” your content, sharing your post with their followers. Due to the nature of Twitter, it doesn’t take long to get your message out to those who may never have had the opportunity to hear of your business.


LinkedIn has changed up the way business professionals interact. Imagine Facebook without the motivational quotes and clickbait. It’s a perfect way for people to interact with each other regarding work or business without the extraneous distractions . LinkedIn is a simple way to share your qualifications and skills with those interested. Those you are connected to who have worked with you can “verify” your listed skills, adding credibility. Viewers of your page can also see who you are connected to helping to improve your professional reputation.


Instagram allows users to post images manipulated using the app’s software. Much of this platform’s success came from the ability to edit images before posting. Instagram is much more difficult to use for marketing, as it is geared towards posts of lunch, vacations etc. There are several companies that have used Instagram to great success, such as outdoor outfitter Patagonia. Instagram now has a feature where businesses can pay to advertise on the app. Even without paying for this feature, Instagram is a great way to show followers what’s going on behind the scenes. The connection created by pictures is invaluable in creating a personable company image.

In this day and age most of us use social media regularly, why not put it to good use? Any business not taking full advantage of the social media platform/s that suite their needs is missing out. Modern business means social media involvement and we have the resources to get you started on the right path. Once we’ve established which platform works best for your business and set up the proper accounts, a maintenance plan can be arranged to keep your content updated as well as campaigns to drive new traffic to your pages. Don’t get left behind, make sure you take full advantage of these cost effective marketing solutions.

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