Types of WordPress Developers

Types of WordPress Developers

Web Developer

With the wealth of WordPress “developers” offering their services, you’d think it’d be easy hiring someone. The problem is that WordPress was designed in way to allow anyone to create, maintain and update a website. The real power of WordPress lies deeper, however, and cannot really be exploited without experience and a combination of web skills. Because of this initial ease of use there are many people who spend a little bit of time fooling around with the system and decide to call themselves developers. While these “developers” may be good for certain tasks in WordPress, your company deserves the best! So how do you know what type of WordPress professional you are dealing with when making a hiring decision?

WordPress Configurer

The easiest level of experience to achieve in the WordPress world is as a “Configurer”. These people know how to install plugins and themes but can’t really dive deep into the code or the core of WordPress. They may have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but not enough to apply on a regular basis. A quick glance at a person’s resume can easily tell you if they are a configurer. If they have work experience as a developer using PHP or other programming languages, it’s a good sign that they are experienced.

WordPress Designer

A good designer is hard to find. So many skills must come together to create a good designer, making it a rare occurrence. It’s important to know quality designers because artistic ability isn’t something you can always teach someone. You either have it or you don’t. A good designer usually will be able to work on layouts in Photoshop and work within WordPress as well. Make sure to check the portfolio of a potential hire, as this is really the only way to tell how their artistic abilities stack up against the competition.

WordPress Captains

Captains are typically the people at the top of a WordPress agency. They are the people that steer the ship and normally posses very keen organizational skills to keep things running efficiently. They may not be a developer themselves but they will have employees who are. The issue here is that captains often don’t know WordPress as well as they should, normally delegating design and development. They aren’t developers so they don’t know its limitations and it’s often that these people agree to projects based on assumptions and expect others to “just get it done”. I know many developers who complain that their captains agree to terms and design/development aspects that they should not agree to.

Selecting an Agency

The best recommendation is to be in contact with someone who truly understands WordPress. These people should be active in the WordPress community. The agency contact should understand a little of everything, from basic plugins to design and coding. When looking for a contact who will make sure you get the best result for your money, they should really know how all of this works. This is hard to come by but an agency’s resume and portfolio of existing work should give you a pretty good idea of who you are hiring.

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