Website Security with WordPress

Website Security with WordPress

Website Security with WordPress

Your WordPress website isn’t something that can be created and left alone, it requires regular upkeep. When hiring a developer it is important to make sure they understand the innermost workings of WordPress and are able to do what it takes to keep your site secure.

Why Secure Your Site?

One of the perks of WordPress is that it is constantly being updated, with new core versions, plugin updates and new theme files. However, because WordPress has so many changing parts it’s easy for the application to break. It is imperative to the health of your site to monitor and update the core, plugins and theme files. There are also updates that can make your site practically invisible to hacker bots. Emergency updates are occasionally released to fix susceptibilities in the code, and without them your site could be wide open to hackers. Some of these vulnerabilities create opportunities for hackers to inject scripts that would allow your site to be completely downloaded. The hacker can gain all sorts of information including the database, website source and other files on the server. In the worst case scenario an entire website can go down. We’ve seen WordPress themes with missing files rendering the site useless!

The Solution

Our solution is simple. We offer a Hosting and Support Package where we monitor, update, backup files and insure that our client’s websites stay online. In the event a site does get hacked, we’re prepared to fight back. From the very first day of our maintenance plan, we already have a plan in place and the tools to effectively get things back in order after the issue is handled. With our Hosting & Support Package we also do code audits and update child themes when the parent theme is updated, making sure your site is always running at peak efficiency. This is a great bargain at $40/dollars per month, in turn you get peace of mind, knowing your site and the information it contains is safely out of reach of the wrong hands.

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