Website Marketing (SEO, SEM & PPC)

Website Marketing (SEO, SEM & PPC)

Do you want to drive traffic to your website? What about increasing sales and improving your branding? It’s relatively simple to direct traffic to your website, the trick is finding the kind of traffic that will benefit your company. Traffic without any tangible results is almost as bad as no traffic at all. It is imperative to advertise and promote your website effectively so traffic converts into sales. We offer multiple SEO services that will help track, analyze and improve conversion rates. By monitoring traffic on your website we can see what does or does not improve your traffic and conversions.

Some Of The Tools We Use

We have many tools at our disposable to help grow your website and convert clicks to sales. Here are a few of the best SEO tools we use.

Google Analytics

A powerful tool for measuring traffic, goals and analyzing your users.

Google Webmaster Tools

With Google Webmaster Tools we can check the website for broken links and crawler errors. This is incredibly important because it tells us directly what Google’s bots see and if there is a problem with your website that may hinder traffic.

A/B Testing

Figuring out what converts can be tricky. We can use A/B testing to determine which Call-To-Action is the best one for converting so we can capitalize on it effectively.

Online Advertising

Promoting your website and finding your target niche can be achieved using a variety of advertising options.


Social Media Marketing is a booming industry with many options. Facebook is a common and easy to use method with a little know how. The wide variety of people using Facebook makes it a perfect web advertising option. Rich with demographics, age, gender and interests, Facebook allows you to find exactly the type of customers you need to see your website. You can directly target people in a certain zip code with a certain age, gender and interests. Facebook even allows daily limits so it’s easy to invest $5 dollars a day into your web marketing plan. Another benefit to using Facebook as an advertising route is you promote a Facebook Page. Once you have people following your page, you can continue to promote your business through the Facebook page, it doesn’t end. This makes this campaign very viable as a long term advertising solution.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, we can pay for clicks and immediately drive target traffic to your website. This makes it a great option for an initial boost in attention to your website. However, Google AdWords does not offer control over age or demographics, so it is more hit or miss as to whether you will get the kind of traffic you need. You pay for search keywords. For example, you could set a max rate of $1.5 per click for the keywords “Soccer Ball” and 1,000 clicks would cost $1,500.