WordCamp Raleigh 2015

WordCamp Raleigh 2015

Yes! We attended WordCamp Raleigh. It wasn’t as large as WordCamp Atlanta or WordCamp Asheville but it was very convenient being on the NC State college campus. All of the rooms had access to outlets to charge our laptops. The school was an excellent facility for the conference. There was coffee to fuel our minds. The conference had four tracks: Beginner, Business, Power Users, and Developers. We stayed in the Power Users and Developers track. We especially liked the talks about development work flows.

While we are experts at our craft we continue to network and learn by connecting to others.

Sam Sewell, of TinyELK showed us how to do web hosting on a budget. His presentation went over how he configures an Ubuntu server. While we do sometimes use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for our larger sites, we learned a few tricks on how to optimize the web server from this presentation.

Micah Wood, of WP Scholar, gave a great presentation on development, dependency management, task runners, automated testing, multiple environments, and build systems. As we have a strong development background in programming with Microsoft Technologies, it’s always nice to see how other WordPress development shops are managing their development work flows. We are a strong supporter of processes and staying organized. The majority of WordPress shops do not focus on plugins and software development but these guys do.

Lisa Linn Allen of SAS, a World leader in Business Intelligence software, gave a presentation on their growing pains of setting up an agile development process for their website. They overcame many challenges of getting a smooth process down. While, our process identifies more with Micah’s process we did learn about plugins and tools that Lisa’s team used to build out their website.

Overall, WordCamp is a great way for us to see how other companies are building their businesses and to share our success and failures. It’s even more impressive how helpful everyone is to each other. At the end of the day a lot of us are competitors but when we come together we are as one big happy family. We believe in sharing knowledge and building each other up.

NC State’s computer science building had some neat old computers. We started on an Atari.

NC State's Old Computers

NC State's Old Computers

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