Packages & Pricing

Every individual website has different needs but we will provide an outline below of what it might cost.

Management & Growth Service ($40/month)

Become an “In-House Client” by establishing a long-term relationship with us. This package is specifically for clients that want to work with us in the long run. Clients who establish a relationship with us get discounts and breaks on projects and hourly rates. This service is critical to the client’s success.

We will provide these services with service:

  • Service Discounts
  • Update Plugins
  • Offsite Backups & Restoration Plan
  • Website Warranty (We’ll fix it if it breaks, no additional money)
  • Plugin Licensing for select plugins (You would be paying for this otherwise…)

For a more detailed description of services provided, please click here.

Web Design Packages & Pricing

Starter Site

$1,250 One Payment


  • Basic Theme Customization
  • Contact Form

Advanced Site

$2,450 One Payment


  • Theme Customization
  • Contact Form


$7,000 One Payment


  • Theme Customization
  • Contact Form

Web Design Hourly Rates

Clients that use the Management & Growth Package get substantial discounts on hourly rates and project rates.

In-House Client

$25 Hour