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WordPress was originally created as a Content Management System (CMS) for blogging, but due to its intuitive open source design it has grown into so much more. The system of WordPress is based around themes and plugins. Themes act as a framework for the website/blog while plugins add various elements to the framework. The easy access this system provides allowed developers to create advanced plugins that can be used for anything from simple image sliders and contact forms to behind the scenes applications to track your leads. It’s no surprise then that WordPress has risen to its’ current place as the #1 CMS, with over 74,000,000 sites making up %18.9 of the internet. The decision to use WordPress has never been more clear.
Now that you know the stats, what aspects of WordPress will be used to create your custom website?


As we mentioned, themes make up the visible interface and underlying structure of a WordPress site. They provide an easy to customize shell for your website, with plenty of options to make sure your website will stand out from the crowd. Themes can be purchased and installed easily and basic changes can be made to customize appearance. Further customization is possible when a developer creates a personalized child theme to layer over the original parent theme.


Plugins take this basic website framework and truly make it work for you and your company. The large database of plugins makes it possible to add functionality to your site including contact forms, SEO tools and automatic backup programs, all with the click of a button. Most plugins require a fee to be paid either monthly or annually.


While you may not need to see shortcodes if you hire a developer, it is good to know how your site is set up and run. Shortcodes are an example of the amazing CMS that WordPress has become. A plugin can be associated with a shortcode such as “[contact_form]”. When this shortcode is entered on a page, WordPress will automatically search for plugins associated with the shortcode and render a plugin accordingly when the page is viewed. Just one more example why WordPress is the best CMS around.


When a site is created, widgets areas can be designated, with most being at the footer of a site. Then in development widgets can be dragged and dropped to these areas to create a plethora of elements. A common use for widgets is social media integration, with your social media feed and a link to your account easily accessible to visitors.
Maintenance and Support Plan
Even with all these tools in place sites can’t run themselves. After a while a site will become outdated if updates aren’t made. Information can become compromised without regular security audits. A maintenance and support plan protects the investment you made on your site. A maintenance plan will also cut down on the cost of those plugin fees we mentioned earlier! We buy bulk developer’s licenses at a premium, due to this the cost of each individual plugin license is lowered which translates into savings for you.
So there you have it, the basics of a successful WordPress site! But what does all this mean for your business? It means that with our experienced WordPress developers it is now easier than ever to ensure the online representation of your business makes a lasting impression. Our experienced developers will use all of these tools to create a site that will turn visiting potential leads into long term clients for your company. With a WordPress based site you can get a lot more “bang for your buck” when compared to traditional development options.

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